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Why choose PKF Certifica SA

The knowledge that you have chosen a trusted partner and that the work will be done by skilled professionals with international experience are two benefits that PKF Certifica SA can guarantee your company right from the start. Other advantages of choosing PKF Certifica SA include:

1. Flexibility and communication

Our medium size and stream-lined internal hierarchy mean we can offer you a direct line of communication with the partners (who coordinate and supervise all mandates), which enables fast and effective decisions to be made.

2. Personal relationship with clients

We establish a solid and personal relationship with our clients, anticipating their long-term needs.

3. Experienced and expert team

We can offer continuous and effective service thanks to the skills and experience of our employees.

4. International network

We combine the advantages of a local enterprise with the opportunity to access all the services of one of the main auditing and corporate consultancy companies on an international level. If you would like to make use of services outside Switzerland, we can offer you direct access to our network through our partners all over the world.

5. Cost / quality ratio

We offer a high-quality service at a competitive price.