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Financial Investigations (Forensic Services)

Most financial crimes are committed by means of electronic or IT systems.

By using advanced technologies, PKF Certifica SA’s experts are able to recover and manage the electronic information that enables the facts and figures that led to any economic damage to be clearly reconstructed in the case of fraud or disputes.

The aim of this service is to place our many years of experience in the field of financial and IT forensics at the disposal of the client so that they can find an effective, fast, and cost-effective solution in the event of embezzlement, commercial disputes, or administrative, accounting, or financial fraud.

The main services offered by PKF Certifica SA in this field are:

  • Criminal and civil judicial expertise
  • Criminal and civil extrajudicial expertise
  • Reports for insurance purposes, expert reports
  • Accounting reconstructions
  • Other services in the field of financial investigations