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Governance and Risk Services

PKF Certifica SA specialises in offering internal auditing, risk management, and compliance services, both by fully outsourcing the role and by providing support and methods for partially outsourcing the tasks traditionally assigned to such roles.

Offering outsourced services allows us to achieve a twofold objective: on the one hand, it enables us to significantly reduce the costs that establishing a full-time role within the company would entail, while on the other hand it allows us to increase the quality of the services while still availing ourselves of up-to-date and highly specialised personnel.

Internal Audit

Thanks to its autonomy and independence, PKF Certifica SA is able to offer internal auditing services aimed at helping the company organisation to identify, evaluate, and implement the risk management and internal audit system. Our services are aimed in particular at financial institutions, casinos, and industrial companies that intend to establish an internal auditing role capable of effectively helping the company management to fulfil its responsibilities and achieve company objectives.

  • Outsourced internal auditing role
  • Support in establishing and implementing an internal auditing role and periodic consultation
  • IT audits
  • Support in implementing the legal requirements stipulated by national and international provisions on internal auditing

Risk Management

  • Outsourced risk management role
  • Support in establishing and implementing a risk management role
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the risk management process
  • Analysing and evaluating the risks related to projects, activities, and development of new businesses
  • Risk management training


  • Analysis of the impact of legal and regulatory changes on the company’s activities
  • Implementation of a corporate governance structure and a compliance organisation in accordance with generally recognised standards
  • Supporting and advising the Board of Directors and the management on changes in legislative requirements and compliance
  • Basic and further training on new legislation at the company
  • Development and implementation of reporting compliance to inform management of risks that emerge in the field of compliance and on measures to be undertaken